Wide range of solutions,
tailored just for you
Wide range of solutions,
tailored just for you
Wide range of solutions,
tailored just for you
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Close to market and Clients
– that’s how we work
Close to market and Clients
– that’s how we work
Close to market and Clients
– that’s how we work
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Union Investment offers you a wide range of options

Institutional investors differ not only in terms of their specific requirements and objectives; they need to act according to various regulatory restrictions. We design solutions which suit the needs and expectations of institutional investors. In order to satisfy these requirements, Union Investment offers an extensive range of standardized as well as custom-built investment vehicles, including standardized and dedicated funds, segregated accounts and advisory services.

Investment funds

Investment funds, including institutional funds, have been in the focus of Union Investment’s product development activities for years. They can be purchased in smaller volumes at special conditions and are therefore available to a broad base of institutional investors. The funds combine the demand for a high degree of flexibility and broad risk diversification and therefore represent – depending on the type of strategic asset allocation – an attractive way of diversifying portfolios. We are also experienced in building tailor- -made funds for specific Clients and groups.

Discretionary mandates & advisory

In addition to products and services offered on the fund level, Union Investment also offers its asset management expertise to institutional investors in advisory and outsourcing mandates. For advisory mandates, Union Investment acts as an external asset management advisor and makes investment recommendations. Ultimate decision making authority, as well as order management and compliance with investment limits rest with the advised company. For discretionary mandates, the investment decision authority and performance responsibility is transferred to Union Investment as external manager – the portfolio is managed by us. Here, we assume the tasks of an asset managing company as well as the duty for active portfolio management and adequate diversification.

Core competencies

Unlocking the potential of Central and Eastern Europe
Union Investment TFI S.A. is your gateway to successful investments in the CEE region. With a team of highly professional specialists we provide our Clients with coverage of majority of the markets in the region. With direct link to markets and companies we can filter through a substantial number of investment opportunities and look for the most promising ones.

What makes us stand out?
Long-standing experience
We have been operating in Poland since 1995, originally under the name Korona TFI S.A.; we are currently known as Union Investment TFI S.A. For more than 20 years now, we have been working on our reputation of a good and acclaimed investment fund company.
Investors' trust
We maintain fair and partnership-based relations with those who invest with us. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We have already been chosen by more than 100,000 Investors, who entrusted over PLN 11 billion to us.
Wide range of funds
We offer a wide range of funds so as to give everyone a chance to invest as much as they can and need. The minimum amount to be paid in the majority of our funds is PLN 100.
Good performance
For a number of years, our funds have achieved repeatedly good results, thus increasing the savings of our Investors.
Stable management team
The credit for the good performance goes to one of Poland’s most stable management teams, which for years has been composed of much the same people.
Always among the best
For thirteen consecutive years, we came among the top three investment funds (8 times we pocketed the first prize) in the prestigious ratings organised by the "Rzeczpospolita" daily and an independent analytical agency, Analizy Online. We have also received numerous awards, such as "Golden Wallets" or the "Bulls & Bears" statues.
High ratings
As many as 12 of our funds are ranked high in the Analizy Online ratings – 4 or 5 stars. This means that these funds have been recognised for their extraordinary quality and better performance than those of our competitors. Experts that assess them agree that our funds “deserve a place in your portfolio”.
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Close to markets and close to Clients