UniKorona Pieniężny

Take advantage of our promotion and purchase Union Investment funds at no additional fees.

You may purchase funds online or by visiting our office, without incurring front load fees.

What does the promotion involve?

The promotion consists in exempting the investor from fees for the acquisition of sub-fund units opened in one of the following ways:

  • Visit the Customer Service Point at the Union Investment office.
  • Open the register with the help of the Company’s employee.
  • Perform the transfer of money to the sub-fund’s account.

The promotion also includes additional payments for the register opened under the promotion.


  Fund Initial
of return

*There was no fund pricing on a given beginning day.

Fund's details

Type Polish money instruments
Level of risk  Low
Investment horizon Min. 6 months
Min. initial payment PLN 100
Investment policy The purpose of the subfund is protection of the real value of its assets. The subfund invests in money market instruments, such as treasury bills, short-term deposits and debt securities with a redemption period up to one year, characterized by high safety and a low fluctuation of the value. The proportion of other investment categories in the subfund should be lower than 30% of the value of the assets. Investments are made primarily on the basis of current ratings and the development prognoses for the macroeconomic situation of the country issuing securities and their impact on the market interest rates.
Investor profile The subfund is designated for investors who:

  • want to invest financial surpluses in short-term debt securities and other money market instruments,
  • are interested in a diversified and flexible cash portfolio, and a highly liquid  investment,
  • have investment horizon of at least 6 months,
  • accept low level of investment risk.
Benchmark WIBID rate for 3-month deposits.
Subfund manager Andrzej Czarnecki
Inception date 1 March 1997
Max. front-load fee 0%
Max. management fee 1.5%
Bank account number 43 1880 0009 0000 0013 0017 5018
Where to buy Points of purchase
pdf  Fact sheet UniKorona Pieniężny
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