UniKorona Zrównoważony

Take advantage of our promotion and purchase Union Investment funds at no additional fees.

You may purchase funds online or by visiting our office, without incurring front load fees.

What does the promotion involve?

The promotion consists in exempting the investor from fees for the acquisition of sub-fund units opened in one of the following ways:

  • Visit the Customer Service Point at the Union Investment office.
  • Open the register with the help of the Company’s employee.
  • Perform the transfer of money to the sub-fund’s account.

The promotion also includes additional payments for the register opened under the promotion.

  Fund Initial
of return

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Fund's details

Subfund type Polish balanced subfund
Level of risk  Moderate
Investment horizon Min. 3 years
Min. initial payment PLN 100
Investment policy The purpose of the subfund is the longterm increase in the value of its assets as a result of investing in stocks and bonds. The share of stocks in subfund cannot be less than 20% and higher than 80% of subfund’s asset value. Subfund investments are made primarily on the basis of a fundamental analysis, especially in the case of equity securities, the basic criterion is determining the market and technological advantages of the company and the quality of business management. In determining the proportion of stocks and debt securities in the assets of the subfund, factors determining the stock market situation, as well as performances and perspectives in the profi tability of debt securities are taken into consideration.
Investor profile The subfund is designated for investors who:

  • want to participate in profits from Polish stocks and bonds,
  • are interested in an alternative to direct investments in stocks and bonds,
  • require a transparent and flexible investment of high liquidity,
  • have investment horizon of at least 3 years,
  • accept moderate investment risk.
Benchmark 50% WIG, 50% Bloomberg BPOL15.
Subfund manager Tomasz Matras, Dariusz Lasek
Inception date 1 September 1995
Max. front-load fee 5%
Max. management fee 4%
Bank account number 34 1880 0009 0000 0013 0017 1009
Where to buy Points of purchase
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