About Union Investment

What makes us stand out?

Long-standing experience
We have been operating in Poland since 1995, originally under the name Korona TFI S.A., and are currently known as Union Investment TFI S.A. For twenty years, we have been striving continually to be regarded as a good and valued investment fund company.
Customer trust
We maintain honest and partner-based relations with customers, always putting their satisfaction first. We have already been chosen by more than 100,000 Investors, who entrusted over PLN 10 billion to us.
Full range of funds

We offer a wide choice of funds that cater for diverse needs of Customers. For a majority of them, PLN 100 is the minimum investment amount.

Good performance

For a number of years, our funds have achieved repeatedly good results, thus increasing the savings of our Customers.

Stable management team

The credit for the good performance goes to one of Poland’s most stable management teams, which for fifteen years has been composed of much the same people.

Always among the best

For twelve consecutive years we finished in the top three in a prestigious ranking of the best investment fund companies, organised by the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily and an independent analytical agency, Analizy Online. Also, we have received numerous awards, such as “Golden Portfolios”, as well as the “Bulls & Bears” statues.

High ratings

As many as 11 of our funds pride themselves on good (4- or 5-star) Analizy Online ratings granted to funds offering superior quality and above-market performance, which – according to expert opinions – “deserve to be in your portfolio”.